In order to make the most of your LiveTiles pages, you will now be able to use the insights panel in order to make the most from your LiveTiles pages.

Insights will allow you to be able to view what people are looking at on yoru page as well as the page views and the average active users within a week period.

How to Use

In order to use insights, you will need Livetiles Designers/Owners or Admin permissions for the site collection you are using insights in. Once you are in the pre-requisite group, you will see in the top right of the corner next to heatmap the insights button.

If insights haven't been enabled in your tenant, you will be able to enable them from the side panel that hosts insights. Once enabled, you won't need to re-enable permissions for intelligence.

Once permissions have been established, a side panel will appear from the side of the product, allowing you to be able to be able to see the insights of your page.


Title Bar

The insights banner allows you to do the following options:

  • Manage users: If you have access to the LiveTiles Owners or an administrator, you will be able to add and remove people to the LiveTiles Owners/Designers group.
  • Refresh: Allows you to refresh the insights panel. Note: this does not refresh the heatmap.
  • Close: Closes the insights panel.

Page Views

This section will show the overall page views of the page for the previous week, as well as the overall up and down percentage based on previous data. You will be able to get the number of a particular day by moving your mouse over the panel.

Active Users

This section shows the average daily users of the product across a week. You will be able to to get the number of users for a particular day by moving your mouse over the panel.


This section shows the percentage of platforms users are browsing your page from the last week. This includes Desktop, Mobile and Tablet as well as other (which includes Xbox, smart TV and other non traditional devices).


This shows you a list of the tiles being used from most used to the least used on the page. This does not include tiles which have not been interacted with. In addition, to be able to know what tile is being referenced, by hovering over the tile name, the requisite tile will have a border appear around to tile.

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