UX Elements

The bot uses various UI components to display information to the user. These are outlined below.


Messages are the responses provided by the bot back to the user that make up the dialog or conversation. By default, these are text, but below are a few more advanced UX elements that can also be used.


Buttons are used to give users specific options of next steps or responses that they can use to continue the conversation.
Buttons can be clicked, or the text on a button can be typed as a command in the chat box.


Small images can be displayed.


Cards are combinations of all the above. One response from the bot can also contain multiple cards in the form of a carousel.


At any stage during a dialog (the snippet of conversation that achieves one task for the user) the user can type 'Cancel' to stop the current action (for example booking a meeting). The bot will then ask the user to confirm that they want to cancel.

Mandatory variables

Some actions that the user will attempt through the bot are dependent on mandatory pieces of information. For example, when booking a meeting, as a bare minimum the bot needs to have a date and time. When these variables are not provided by the user initially, the bot will ask follow-up questions to gather all the necessary information. 

Compare the flow where everything is provided in the initial command...

... versus the flow where the bot needs to prompt for all required information...

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