LiveTiles Intelligence is our analytics offering which will allow you to be able to get real data from the users of your pages allowing you to be able to design overall better pages for their sites.

In order to access LiveTiles intelligence, if it's available in your tenant will be located in the top right of either a LiveTiles design page or a Sharepoint modern page.

How do I turn on Intelligence?

On the home page, under the manage tab, there will be a button called manage intelligence. Once you click on this, you will be able to enable it. After this, when you go to an end user page, under the intelligece menu, select insights and choose a region. Once this is done, intelligence will be loaded into your tenant.

Note: You will need to be in the LiveTiles Owners or Designers groups when selecting a region in order for it to register in your site.

What Data does Intelligence collect?

LiveTiles Intelligence collects information about the interaction with tiles on your page, as well as the number of people that visit your page, how many times a particular page has been visited and the platforms which pages have been visited on. In addition, we also capture the unique users for a session through a unique ID provided by SharePoint.

PLEASE NOTE: If you notice your page has no data being captured, it is possible it is due to the pageID in the page configuration, being different to the pageID saved in Intelligence. This usually happens when the data region where Intelligence captures data is changed.  
To fix this issue, the page has to be re-saved in the Designer.

Also, keep in mind that the data region should not be changed as data will then be spread across multiple locations, from which aggregation may not be possible due to pageID discrepancies.

What Data does Intelligence not Collect?

LiveTiles Intelligence does not capture unique information about users and pages. This is to make sure that the privacy of your employees and information is kept safe.

What endpoints are used in LiveTiles Intelligence?

Currently LiveTiles Intelligence has four region end points which a user can use to collect data as shown here:

Note: For LiveTiles Intelligence to work, you will need access to the internet. As such, this product will not work for On Premises and for the offline install.

Site Wide Version

What does site wide offer that the page version does not?

The site wide version allows you to get information about your companies site usage by including site wide stats as well as more granular information about page usage.

In addition you will be able to change the scope of the data to more or less than 7 days as well as pick a particular date range.

Will the insights and heatmap go away if I don't move to the site wide version?

No, these will stay free for all time.

How do I add users to intelligence?

To add users to intelligence, in the insights panel, you will need to add them to the owners group, or depending on any restricitons, in the Designers group. This will give them access to LiveTiles Intelligence.

How do I remove users from intelligence?

To remove users from intelligence, in the the insights panel, you will need to remove them from the group that they are a member of. This will remove their access to LiveTiles Intelligence.

How do I change the date range for the site wide version?

In the top right of the intelligence panel, you will see a date range, clicking on the left date will change the start date of the date range whilst clicking on the right date will change the end date. You will see the data change in real time when you do this.

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