This tile is designed to get your most recent interacted with files from office 365. This includes files that are both in that user's OneDrive and and SharePoint online.

In order to use the tile, the designer will need to drag the tile onto the canvas. Once the tile is on the canvas, users will need to sign into office graph. Once signed in, it will go and get your recently interacted tiles.



Width: Sets the width of the tile
Height: Sets the height of the tile
Header Background Color: Set the Header background Color
Number to Display: Sets the number of items to display in the tile.


Text: Sets the title text of the tile
Override Page Font: Overrides the set font of the page
Font Family: Sets the font family to use (Only shown if override page font if selected)
Font Size: Changes the font size
Font Colour: Changes the font colour
Font Style: Allows user to add italics or underlined.
Font weight: Changes the font to be bold, light or the same.


List Item Target: Allows user to set whether the links open in place or in a new window.


Layer: sets whether the page is part of the background, foreground or on the Z-Index
Reorder Within Layer: Reorders the page in the layer should multiple tiles be placed on that layer.


Tile Visibility: Allows Owners to be able to change if the tile is visible to particular groups.
Lock Tile for Non-owners: Allows Owners to be able to set it so that anyone who doesn't have Owners permissions will be able to edit the tile in the design canvas.
Custom CSS Classes: Adds custom classes to the tile allowing the user to be able to use the code or custom tile to build on the tile's css.

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