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Approving the LiveTiles Design Manager App
Office 365 Groups or Team Sites
On-Premise App Catalog Setup
Installing LiveTiles Design - Non-App Installation
Installing LiveTiles Design - Offline Installation

During your installation of LiveTiles Design, when you first try to add the LiveTiles Design Manager app into your Site Collection you may run into this issue:

This is because your app needs to be approved in the App Catalog before you can add it to a site collection. Follow these steps below to approve the app.

Click Find out why

Click Request Approval

Click Request

Now that the app has been requested you need to go the App Catalog to approve the request that you just made.

Go to the SharePoint Admin centre using the link in the portal left-hand menu.

Under ADMIN Click SharePoint:

Click Apps

Click App Catalog

Click LiveTiles Design Manager  (This is the request you just made)

Click Approve

The LiveTiles Design Manager App is now Approved!

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