LiveTiles Bots provides the ability to deliver on the vision of the next generation digital workforce, the Intelligent Workplace. A key part of this vision is the use of conversational user interfaces (CUI) to provide easy-to-use, familiar, digital versions of core organizational processes that are currently manual or based on legacy user interfaces.
The goal is not to replace all functionality provided by the systems being integrated with, but merely act as a shortcut to quickly achieve a generic or mundane task. The aim is to assist users in completing the mundane and generic tasks they encounter on a daily basis as quick as possible, thus providing them with more time to focus on what is really important.

Using the LiveTiles approach, the goal is to empower anyone in the business to be able to build their own experiences, or in this case, their own bots. No technical 'know how' is required and a lot of the complexity of CUIs are completely abstracted from the 'designer' which allows truly anyone to design and build a bot from scratch and start using it within minutes. No need to get services provisioned from IT, it really is that easy!

Multiple Bots

Create as many custom bots as you need to support your business — LiveTiles Bots can build them all.

Custom Integrations

Custom abilities can be added using an intuitive visual editor, allowing you to natively integrate your bot with custom APIs or legacy systems.

Any Platform

Customize the colors and branding on the included Webchat template. Or, share your bot with colleagues via Microsoft Teams, Slack, Email, Skype for Business, or Facebook Messenger.

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