Allows a user to manage their workforce through StaffHub. Employees can view shift details, request time off and view team information.

Technical Information

This ability connects to StaffHub using a preview API. The API can be changed at any time, which may stop the bot from being able to interact with StaffHub.

In order to connect to StaffHub a second authorization endpoint had to be used, this may require users to authenticate a second time when attempting to use a StaffHub ability feature. If this occurs, just login when prompted and try again.

Using the StaffHub ability


Before using the StaffHub ability, make sure that you have signed into StaffHub and have an account.

In order to view team and shift information you need to be a member of at least one StaffHub team and have shifts published.

View shifts

Examples of viewing shifts are:

  • What are my shifts this week?
  • What are my shifts today?

View team information

Examples of viewing team info are:

  • Who are my managers?
  • Who is in my stuffhub team?
  • What staffhub teams am I in?

Example Video

The video available here demonstrates how the StaffHub ability can be used to list your shift and team information

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