SharePoint Prerequisites

What versions of SharePoint does LiveTiles operate with? 

LiveTiles operates with Office 365 SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2016/2013.  

What prerequisites are required for installation? 

For all versions of SharePoint, you must configure an environment for apps – the “App Catalog”. For Office 365 deployments you must also enable “Custom Script” for SharePoint sites in the Office 365 Admin Centre.

Can LiveTiles be activated in a SharePoint site already delivering business services? 

Yes, LiveTiles focuses purely on extension of capability and will not deprecate any existing functionality from your site. Experiences built with LiveTiles are ASPX pages in a library like other SharePoint pages, simply with access to the full suite of LiveTiles capability.

Browser Support  

What browsers are supported?

LiveTiles officially supports the browsers supported by Microsoft for use with SharePoint. Currently this includes Internet Explorer 11 and current versions of Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Users on older browsers are unlikely to experience major access issues.  

Are browser extensions required to run LiveTiles? 


User Authentication & Permissions  

How is user authentication and authorization managed? 

LiveTiles introduces no additional mechanisms. Users interacting with SharePoint experiences built with LiveTiles are simply managed via standard permissions routines.  

What additional permissions must be given to users to design experiences with LiveTiles? 

Users that will have the ability to design experiences using LiveTiles are additionally added to the SharePoint permissions groups LiveTiles Owners or LiveTiles Designers.

What is the difference between a LiveTiles Owner and a LiveTiles Designer? 

LiveTiles Owners have full control over the application and can nominate specific page components and tiles that cannot be altered or configured by LiveTiles Designers. LiveTiles Designers can interact with the application, with access to all features except those that LiveTiles Owners have restricted them from.


Installation Process  

What files will be added to our App Catalog? 

For each of the three components of LiveTiles SharePoint (Design, Blueprint, Build) an appx file will be uploaded to the App Catalog.  

What permissions are required to run the installation?

The. appx package will be added to the App Catalog by the Global Admin and requested in a target site collection for use by the Site Collection Admin.  

Does adding LiveTiles to our App Catalog make it globally available for use? 

No. Before LiveTiles can be used, the app must be requested for use in a target site collection by a Site Collection Administrator and approved by the Global Admin.  

How long does installation take?

After you have successfully configured your App Catalog, the installation process and activation in a target site collection is usually complete within five minutes.

Application Architecture   

What happens to our environment on installation?

 The LiveTiles Design app installs itself into a sub-site in the target site collection with the requisite canvas pages, example lists, libraries and two SharePoint permissions groups – LiveTiles Owners and LiveTiles Designers.  

What happens to our environment at runtime?

When a LiveTiles Owner or LiveTiles Designer utilizes LiveTiles Design, the app communicates with requisite components via CSOM and REST APIs.  

What does LiveTiles communicate with?

LiveTiles communicates with the source via a secure https connection to the Microsoft Azure CDN and series of popular JavaScript and CSS libraries from secure CDN endpoints.  

LiveTiles also communicates with our own LiveTiles Licensing Service (LTLS) when in designer to validate licensing.

The third-party Intercom service is also available to all users, which enables two-way real-time communication with the LiveTiles Customer Success team. 

User telemetry and error-capture is also provided via Microsoft's Azure App Insights, anonymously capturing user data. Finally, in the event the LiveTiles Intelligence product is activated on an installation, it will report user activity back to our service.

Do you offer an “offline” installation if we don’t wish to communicate via the internet? 

Yes. However, it is not our recommended approach because it creates a less seamless application update process.

Content Management & Information Security

Where is content stored?

Your content is stored 100% in your environment i.e. your O365 tenant or SharePoint 2016/2013 server. We do not host content for you.

What impact does installing LiveTiles have on our existing content governance framework?

LiveTiles is not a CMS platform and standard SharePoint mechanisms (sites, lists, libraries, navigation etc.) will continue to be where your content is stored. Therefore, your standard SharePoint content governance and permissions model will still apply. You will be able to apply further governance around who has access to the LiveTiles app.

Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise Deployments

How does LiveTiles function across hybrid cloud and on-premise SharePoint deployments?

Because LiveTiles supports simplified templating of solutions in JSON and provides a tool (Blueprint) for automating aspects of deployment, it provides an ideal approach to delivering a consistent UX across disparate environments including site collections, servers and even tenants. From a licensing perspective, there is no additional costs to hybrid deployments because licensing is calculated on unique users, not deployments.

Extensibility & Custom Development Options

LiveTiles is generally a no-code approach, but are there options for developers?

LiveTiles provides rich capabilities for customizations beyond default options offered by our library of highly configurable tiles and productized APIs. In doing so, these mechanisms respect the best practices recommended for Office 365 development.

Specifically, the “Custom Tile” allows developers to create their own tiles with end-user configurable properties using popular JavaScript frameworks. You can also use this tile to integrate with external systems using REST APIs.  

Product Updates

How are updates to the LiveTiles app performed? 

LiveTiles is an “evergreen” product with ongoing feature and function enhancements delivered on a regular basis in accordance with our Product Roadmap. Updates are rolled out automatically via a secure connection to the Microsoft Azure CDN.  

Are updates received automatically or manually and is there any downtime? 

Updates are received automatically and no downtime is required.  

How do updates impact existing LiveTiles deployments? 

Updates focus on extension and not deprecation. Pages built with LiveTiles are unaffected until a LiveTiles Owner or Designer chooses to begin reconfiguring the deployment with the enhanced functionality.

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