The bot can be used to integrate with various LOB to achieve a range of goals. This ability shows how leave summaries and requests can be handled by a bot.
Note: The concept of 'Leave' as time off does not apply to all countries. In the USA for example, it is more commonly referred to as 'Vacation'. These semantic changes can be made in the settings dialog which would change the language model for the bot.

Technical detail

Note: This ability integrates with an Excel document to demonstrate what this functionality could look like.


Coming soon. No settings applicable yet since this is linked to demo data in an Excel sheet.

Using the leave ability

Leave Summary

A user can get a summary of their current leave balance as well as how much leave they have already taken. Below are examples of how to initiate this:

  • How much leave do i have?
  • What is my leave balance?
  • Leave summary?

Request Leave

Leave can also be requested. This will send a request to the linked HR system for further approval based on standard process. This can be achieved through:

  • I want to book leave for next week.
  • Request leave for January 10 to January 15

Example video

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