When the bot is integrated with your Office 365 account you can lookup contacts in your address book, or search for contacts in the organization's corporate directory. This will provide you with their available contact details and give you further options to contact them. If available, the results will also include recent correspondence or contact with the person.

Technical detail

Default behaviour will allow a user to contact someone via phone, email or LinkedIn, if these details are available. The LinkedIn component is a generic profile search and does not yet utilize the LinkedIn API.


Coming soon.

Using the contact profile ability

View or Search a Contact

To look up a contact and their information, simply provide the bot with the information required, for example:

  • Who is Emma Patel
  • Lookup John Maxwell
  • Find James Smith

If the contact cannot be found anywhere, a default card will be displayed with some options for contacting them. This is based on the assumption that you can provide the required detail if selecting one of these contact methods. Also displayed will be an option to create a new contact in your Office 365 contact list.

Example video

The below video gives an overview of the contact search functionality currently available in the bot.

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