The Dynamics 365 CRM tile offers the ability to read and update key data on Leads, Opportunities and Contacts.

How to Use

Once you place the tile onto the page, you will need to connect to your CRM account. 

The tile makes use of Single-Sign-On to connect seamlessly to your Dynamics 365. There will be no prompt for a username and password for your Dynamics account once you are already logged into Office 365. 

All you need to provide is the URL of your organisation’s Dynamics 365 account (instructions below). This URL is unique to your organisation and this is a once-off required action.

Here are the steps to connect to Dynamics 365.

Step one - Retrieve your organisation’s Dynamics 365 URL 

Open your Dynamics 365 App (e.g. Sales Hub, Customer Service Hub), and copy the portion of the URL highlighted below. It should be in the format of

Step two - Connect to Dynamics 365 

A new tab on your browser opens, prompting you to enter your Dynamics 365 URL 

Step three - Paste the organization's Dynamics 365 URL into the “Connect to Dynamics 365” screen

Step four - Click Connect, and your CRM data will load into the tile


You can read and update data on Leads, Opportunities & Contacts.

Filtering Columns

You can filter and sort on each field. You can also customize your view by clicking Add / Remove Columns.

Editing Permissions 

When you hover over a field and see a pencil icon, this indicates permissions to edit this field. 

When you hover over a field and see a padlock icon, you do not have permissions to edit this field. 

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