This tile is designed to allow you to have a people directory page embedded straight into your page, allowing you to be able to show off particular groups as well as search for employees.

The people directory tile



Width - Sets the width of the tile
Height - Sets the Height of the tile
Background Color - Sets the Background Color


Search Text - Sets the default search for the tile, if left blank, the tile will not pre search for anything
Default View - Chooses whether it starts on card or list view. Default selection is list view.
List Page Colors - Sets the colours of the page.
Primary Display Field - Sets the first section shown field on the page.
Secondary Display Field - Sets the secondary shown field on the page.


Layer - sets whether the page is part of the background, foreground or on the Z-Index
Reorder Within Layer - Reorders the page in the layer should multiple tiles be placed on that layer.


Tile Visibility - Allows Owners to be able to change if the tile is visible to particular groups.
Lock Tile for Non-owners - Allows Owners to be able to set it so that anyone who doesn't have Owners permissions will be able to edit the tile in the design canvas.
Custom CSS Classes - Adds custom classes to the tile allowing the user to be able to use the code or custom tile to build on the tile's css.

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