The Ideas Portal

Submitting an idea

There are two ways users can submit ideas to the ideas portal. The first is through the following link: here

That link will allow the user to submit an idea with only an email address quickly and easily, however users will not be able to see other ideas that others have created.

The other is to sign up to the ideas portal by contacting support at and request an account to sign up to the ideas portal. This will take a little while but once you get the account, you will in addition to being able to submit ideas and improvements but also be able to vote and comment on already existing ideas.

Once signed into the portal, a user will be able to click on the Add a New Idea button in the top left side of the screen and will be taken to the add an idea screen. This screen will allow the user to name and explain their idea for a new feature or an improvement as well as add in any files they want to attach to help illustrate their idea.

New idea screen

Voting and commenting

In addition, users will be able to vote and comment on already existing ideas, as well as see any responses by administrators from LiveTiles about the ideas. To vote for an idea, click on the numbered box with the word vote underneath it. By clicking on this, if it's green, it means you have voted for this feature. To remove your vote from the feature, you just need to click on the box again.

To comment on an idea, users can click on the idea which will take them to the ideas screen. Here the user can see responded, who has voted for the idea as well as the ability to type in a comment for the idea, allowing them to add their voice to the idea.

An Idea page

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