This article will address the following:

  1. Tile Import/Export Overview.
  2. How to Import/Export.

Tile Import/Export Overview

Summary: LiveTiles has the ability to import/export tiles between tenants/site collections. To save Tiles for future Import or Export purposes, you must Save the Tile within the Save Tile window. In order to access the Save Tile window, click on the heart icon located at the top left of the tile in Design View. 

The Save Tile Window.

Save your tile first. Within this window, you will see two tabs: Save Tile and Preview. They are both relatively straightforward. Within the Save Tile Tab, you name your tile and provide a description of it. Make sure the name and description is accurate to the customized tile you have created.

How to Import/Export

Requirements to Importing and Exporting? In order to access the export feature, you will need to go to the Save Tile feature located in the menu when clicking on a tile (heart icon). Once you are at this window, you can enter in the Tile name and the description as you would when saving the tile to your collection.

Export Your Tile. Once you are happy with the name and description, click on Export Tile. This will download a .JSON file which contains the information of the tile. In addition, you may be prompted to bundle images with the tile. If the tile uses external images, you can check this to bundle these images to be imported along with the tile.

Import Your Tile. If you would like to import a tile, you will be able to do this from the Manage Tiles dialog found on the landing page. To upload a tile, all you need to do is click on the add icon, select the JSON file and upload it. This will upload the tile into your site collection, allowing you to use the tile in this LiveTiles instance.

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