What is Preview Width? 

Preview Width is a feature that is exclusive to the responsive design canvas. This allows you to preview your canvas at different widths. This is so that users can have a better idea on how their pages may look and behave on multiple devices with various display sizes. 

The Preview Width tab.

Settings: Users can select between four different display sizes and preview the width of the elements for each. This tab measures and displays content in units of pixels (px).

  • 1600px: This is for desktop computers and most laptops. This is what you are started in when the responsive canvas loads up. If you are previewing from your desktop computer, there will be no change between toggling the 1600px on and off. 
  • 1000px: This is for some laptops and tablet devices such as the iPad. 1000 px usually refers to smaller devices but still relatively large enough for page elements to maintain their aspect ratio. 
  • 800px: This is for mobile devices that are in landscape mode. Notice how the phone icon is displayed horizontally.
  • 600px: This is for mobile devices in portrait mode. Notice how the phone icon is displayed vertically. 
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